Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Business Venture Management represent buyers?
Our business advisors represent business buyers exclusively because we prefer to help existing business owners grow their businesses or enthusiastic entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of business ownership.

Why choose Business Venture Management?
It is very important to have business advisors you trust and value. By choosing us you have experienced, knowledgeable, professional business advisors representing you throughout the business search process.

Why not work with a listing broker?
The listing broker represents the seller exclusively. Buying a business is a major decision, and we believe that you as the buyer need to have a business advisor representing you that looks at all the information from your perspective.

Is dual agency like having a business advisor?
Under dual agency the listing broker represents both the seller and you. However, the dual agent’s legal obligation to the seller forbids them from providing you with material facts on price, terms, and motivation.

Should I have an attorney to represent me?
The law forbids our business advisors from giving you legal advice. As a result, we strongly encourage you to have a qualified business acquisition or merger attorney review all offers and other related agreements.

Can I get financing from the seller?
A very high percentage of business acquisitions involve some form of seller financing. Often with seller financing you can increase the size of the business transaction.

Who pays the fee?
You as the buyer pay our fee, but only when the transaction is successfully closed.


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