Jim Faricy | Stan Proden

Jim Faricy - Business Advisor and
Management Consultant

Jim Faricy has been active as a business advisor and management consultant for more than twenty-five years. He is an excellent business strategist and recently has been focusing on small business acquisitions, financial projections, and creative financing strategies.

Prior to Business Venture Management, Jim was the founding director of the Management and Technical Assistance Center at the University of Minnesota.
He also served as president and CEO of a small data communications company, was finance director for a small computer data research company, and held sales, operations, and financial management positions for a major computer manufacturer. Before to earning his MBA, Jim was a manufacturing engineer for a large electronics company.

His extensive and broad experience enables Jim to easily relate to your concerns related to a business search. Jim's knowledge and experience provides you with the professional and confidential business transaction services you deserve.

Jim is a licensed business advisor in the State of Minnesota. He earned bachelor degrees in engineering and business from the University of Minnesota and also has an MBA from Stanford University. Jim is currently a member of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). He can be reached directly at 763-785-9596 or by e-mail at jimfaricy@bvmgmt.com.

Telephone: 763.785.9596 | E-mail: info@bvmgmt.com

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