What Our Clients Say About Us

Manufacturing Business

You were a tremendous help in assisting me with a business search and acquisition. I had been looking at various businesses to buy through listing brokers and franchisors, but I realized that I was at a disadvantage even though I had considerable business experience.  By hiring Business Venture Management as my business advisors, it certainly enhanced the business buying process and negotiations very effectively.  In addition, your financial acumen and sophistication really helped me understand the actual financial condition of the company I eventually purchased.  You guided me through every step of the process including negotiations, determining a fair purchase price, and analyzing the finances of the company.  You even helped by determining if the rental of the property was at a fair market value.  You prepared financial projections and assisted me in obtaining bank financing under difficult conditions.  And last but not least, you really enjoy this kind of challenge and put all your knowledge, wisdom and experience to good effect.  Your professionalism and savvy are invaluable to anyone, and I recommend you without reservation.

-Owner of a Specialized Manufacturing Company

Multiple Restaurant Franchise

Thank you for all the support you have given me for each of my franchise business acquisitions. You helped me overcome the initial fears I had when I applied for my first Denny's franchise in 1995. The general business advice you gave me plus your assistance preparing franchise applications, reviewing franchise offering circulars, and generating financial projections over the years as I added six more Denny's franchise locations in the Twin cities and Rochester has been invaluable. You have always been there for me, and I really appreciate it.

-Owner of Seven Denny's Restaurants

Transportation Business Owner

We have worked together on several of my business searches. We reviewed a Hardee’s franchise, a gourmet hot dog restaurant, a Blimpie Subs and Salads franchise, and the executive transportation business that I eventually chose. As these ventures were proposed to me, my first stop each time was to seek out your opinion. Your particular attention to detail and preparation of pro forma financial projections for these businesses helped me make sound decisions. I cannot stress enough how important your role was in my selection process. As my company grows, you will always be the one I contact for guidance.

-Owner of Executive Transportation Service

Telecommunications Company

About ten years ago, I decided to start looking for my own business to buy. Since then I explored many different business opportunities mostly in my field of computers or telecommunications. You advised and coached me throughout the complex process of business acquisition. You reviewed the listing broker’s business information package for several companies and helped me do the due diligence. With your guidance, I avoided making a major purchasing error. When I finally found the right business, you anticipated my needs by providing a financial analysis, helped me negotiate both bank and seller financing, and counseled me throughout the closing. I’m glad you’re on my team.

-Owner of a Telephone Systems and Cabling Business

Health Care Facility

While pursuing a career and enjoying the perks of working for a large company, I never considered owning my own business. When I learned of a business opportunity for an outpatient treatment center acquisition, I was unsure where to start. You helped me interpret the seller’s financial information and prepare financial projections that I could easily understand. You identified the fact that a large portion of the company’s existing business would not transfer to me after the purchase. As a result, you helped me negotiate a price that was less than half of the seller’s original asking price. You also helped me negotiate seller financing that enabled me to purchase the business with very little money down. Your services throughout the negotiation helped me make sound decisions, and our projections proved to be very accurate. I never would have had the courage to go ahead without your expertise, patience, and encouragement.

-Owner of an Outpatient Treatment Center

Financial Services Franchise

Like many Americans, I was nursing the dream of buying my own business, but I didn't know how to proceed. When I decided to open a check cashing franchise in the Twin Cities, I was faced with the difficulty of raising funds. A Wells Fargo Bank Vice President referred me to you, and you helped me with a business plan and financial projections. As a result, I was finally able to secure the funding I needed to open the franchise. You continued to work with me all the way through our grand opening, including helping me with licensing issues with the city. Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for dedicated, trustworthy business advisors who truly care. Thank you for the hard work, dedication and guidance.

-Owner of a National Check Cashing Franchise


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